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Your Home Valet: Driving

Are you a snowbird or business person with homes at both ends of I-75 and need help moving your car, SUV or van -- filled with your other items -- from one end of the country to the other?

Do you have dog(s) that also need to be moved?

Do you want to be sure your vehicle, your other belongings and your beloved pets arrive safely to their destination, safely and without hassle?

I can help! My name is Sean J. Lane; I am the founder of several successful service companies, including Your Home Valet (http://www.yhvalet.com). Our driving service will transport your vehicle, filled with your legal belongings, including dogs and cargo, to the destination you select along the I-75 corridor.

The Pros of using Your Home Valet Driving:
  1. You can load as much cargo in your vehicle as you like – as long as you leave us enough room for one bag for the driver and allow none of the vehicle windows to be blocked .

  2. We pick up your vehicle directly from your location – airport, home, office, etc. No inconvenience/ we can meet you at your home base airport so you have your vehicle to drive home.

  3. With a carrier / transport , you may have to  wait for additional vehicles to be loaded on their trailer before they leave for the new destination. We work on your timeline = No waiting.

  4. Your well behaved dog can be transported in the vehicle with our driver.

  5. Your vehicle will be driven by a retired law enforcement officer with business insurance, bonded, background checked and chauffeured.

Why choose Your Home Valet Driving Services?
  • Security: Our business is bonded/business insured - (AAA Premium RV member): In case of accidents, theft or other calamities, you’re covered.

  • Safety: I will be doing the driving: I am a retired Detroit Police Officer with a Chauffeur’s License and a perfect driving record (no points). You can be sure I will not take any chances with your belongings by trusting them to another driver. ****

  • Dog Care: I am an animal lover. I have owned many dogs over the years and I understand how to take care of them: how to feed them, exercise them, and account for individual quirks. I know how scary it can be to entrust a beloved pet to a stranger – I would not violate that trust.

  • Efficiency: Your vehicle, belongings, and pets will be delivered to YOUR door or location of choice, safely and efficiently. Other transport services would let your vehicle languish in a holding facility somewhere until there were enough clients to justify a trip to your area. Not me: When we agree on a schedule and destination, you can be sure your items will arrive on time.

  • Pricing: You should expect to pay more for the safe, secure service we offer. While there are costs involved in transporting anything, our services are priced right. You can complete your move without breaking your budget. Prices quoted include airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation to & from the pickup/drop-off location.

When it’s time to make your move, call me. Let’s get rolling.