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Your Home Valet Driving: Phone 313.434.2070 or 941.323.3945 Email: info@yhvalet.com

Example rates including my airfare, lodging and food. Not included are local transportation fuel, tolls, Repairs and towing†.

Michigan to or from Central Florida: prices start at† $850. Prices subject to change due to Covid 19 Restrictions This is for a car, SUV or Pickup not towing a trailer. Trips from locations not local to me will have additional transportation costs (train, plane, etc).

For trips over 1,800 miles, prices start at $1,600, East coast to West coast prices start at $2,100.

Requesting dates less than a month away increases Airfare cost, some actually double with a week to go. Trucks and trailers are an additional $20 per day for each.

Trips are calculated based upon type of vehicle, distance from start to finish and proximity to air transportation and Air Fares. I usually drive between 600 and 800 miles a day.

To obtain a quote, please send me the information listed under the Contact Me tab.

You can call me anytime with questions at (313-434-2070). Please leave a voicemail if I donít answer, Iíll get back to you as quickly as possible. I will still require an email with the information listed on the Contact Me tab before I can give you a firm quote.