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Your Home Valet: Driving
About Me

Why trust your vehicles, dogs, and other treasures to me, Sean J. Lane and Your Home Valet Driving?

Here are some reasons:

  • Snowbird
  • Safe Driver
  • Retired Police Officer
  • Dog Owner
  • Nonsmoker
  • Entrepreneur

These are some of the many hats I’ve worn through the years. With each one, I’ve gained the qualities you need in someone who will be moving your belongings across several states.

Snowbird: Michigan and Florida are my two favorite places and I spend several months of the year in each location. Like many other snowbirds, I know the I-75 corridor – and its alternate routes -- like the back of my hand. I know the shortcuts, the service stations, the pet-friendly accommodations.

Safe Driver: I have a Chauffeur’s License and have zero points on my driving record. I also know how to react when the unexpected happens – from pet “mistakes” to traffic delays to vehicle accidents.

Retired Police Officer: For 6.5 years, I was a Reserve Police Officer in Detroit. I know the law and I know how to keep your items safe.

Dog Owner: I’ve always loved animals, particularly dogs. Currently, I own a 10-year-old female rescue collie. I know the challenges of transporting pets on long road trips. I also know each one has its own needs and will be sure they are fed, watered, exercised, and rested accordingly.

Nonsmoker: Your items won’t pick up any undesirable odors on this trip.

Entrepreneur: I have founded four unique, successful businesses, all related to helping people manage “stuff” – whether their own or their elderly parents’. I’ve been successful by paying attention to the details and meeting my clients’ needs at the best possible price.